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Talitha Koum Community
Registered Charity No. 1135528

Welcome to Talitha Koum Community

Bringing Christian hope and practical support for women caught up in addictive behaviour

The Talitha Koum Christian Therapeutic Community will provide a purpose built residential therapeutic community for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Click here to find out more about our plans.

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Fundraising for Talitha Koum Community Ltd

Dave Coley runs final marathon for Talitha Koum!


Dave Coley ran his final marathon to raise funds for TK at Milton Keynes last month. He says:


"Thank you on behalf of Talitha Koum for those who generously supported my run for this charity.  A total of £514 was raised including Gift Aid. The target was £2000 and so the fund is still open at for those who wish to donate online.

Thank you once again for your generosity  


David Coley"

 We are very grateful to Dave for his stalwart efforts and support of TK.